Archimedesí works: the ICM-2006 edition

The ICM-2006 and the Real Sociedad Matemática Española (under an agreement with Patrimonio Nacional, the Spanish National Heritage Foundation) have published an edition of Archimedes' Works to commemorate the celebration of the ICM in Spain. The luxury edition consists of two volumes presented in a box (333x230 mm).

archimedes first volume


The first volume is a facsimile book of a XVI century manuscript from El Escorial Library containing the following works of Archimedes: On the sphere and cylinder (I and II), Measurement of a circle and Quadrature of the parabola. The manuscript was copied in Venice at the expense of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (Charles V's ambassador at Venice from 1527 to 1547) from the manuscript CCCV extant in the Marciana Library.


archimedes second volume


The second volume contains the annotated Spanish translation of those Archimedean works (translation from the Greek by Paloma Ortiz and Susana Mimbrera; notes by Pedro M. González Urbaneja), and the following three studies: (1) Greek science: towards a critical knowledge, by Carlos García Gual; (2) Archimedes and his manuscripts, by Antonio J. Durán; and (3) Archimedes: life and works, by Pedro M. González Urbaneja.

Associated activity
The ICM-2006 edition of Archimedes work’s will presented at the Congress site:
Thursday, 24, 19:00-19:30
Auditorium B