Experiencing Mathematics!

August, 17 - October, 29, 2006.


The exhibition "Experiencing Mathematics!" originally formed part of the activities organized in the year 2000 by the International Mathematical Union on the occasion of the World Year of Mathematics, and was held within the framework of UNESCO cultural and scientific events.  The work group under the scientific direction of Minella Alarcón (UNESCO) and Mireille Chaleyat (EMS, IMU) included members of the Centre Sciences of Orléans and Professor Jin Akiyama, among others.

The exhibition intends to show that Mathematics are amazing, interesting and useful; available to all; they play a role in daily life; and they are very important in our culture, development and progress. The exhibition has been conceived for the general public demanding general information about Science, and Mathematics in particular, but it is especially aimed at young public and their nearest world: parents and teachers. The exhibition is organized in a series of subjects treated by means of explanatory panels, interactive experiences, games, objects, images, videos, numerical simulations, and explained mathematical proofs.       

The list of subjects treated is the following:                                                                   


1. Reading nature. 2. Tilings and symmetries. 3. Filling the space. 4. Joining with lines. 5. Why calculating? 6. Building. 7. Calculating. 8. Optimization. 9. Proving.

There is also a collection of big size experiments: the square-wheeled bicycle; calculating areas with syringes; stacking cubes in a luggage compartment;...
It is not a classical exhibition where the visitor is just limited to look, but an interactive one, an exhibition to observe, to play, to experience and to think. Not touching is prohibited!
For more information consult the exhibition web site at http://www.mathex.org and the Centro Cultural Conde Duque at http://www.munimadrid.es/condeduque/  
The Centro Cultural Conde Duque is located at the center of Madrid in Conde Duque Street, 9.
Subway station: Ventura Rodríguez (Line 3) (also, Noviciado (Line 2).