Demoscene: Mathematics in movement

Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Monday 28: 18:00-20:00

Demoscene consists in making computer programs in Assembly or in languages of high potential and graphic efficiency, always generated in real time, occupying a minimum of space in the computer memory, usually about 64 K's.

The ability of the programmer to create stunning visual effects in real time and to reach the highest possible speed in its rendition is the final purpose of Demoscene. To achieve these effects it is necessary to have a very deep knowledge of Mathematics and Geometry; because it is not possible to use previously recorded material in the demos. So, all images must be generated through mathematical formulas, and all the lights and cameras are designed and moved in real time by means of complex algorithms.


Demoscene is an incredible source of graphical algorithms and visual effects. In fact, many of the especial digital effects we can presently see in movies and videogames have their origin in Demoscene.


The exhibition consists in exposing Demoscene works, together with explanations-conferences by some of their authors, with the possibility of interaction with the public. There will also be explanatory panels about Demoscene and the mathematics used in them.


 Location: Centro Cultural Conde Duque  and Congress site.
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FECyT- Spanish foundation of Science and Technology 
Centro Cultural Conde Duque
The Centro Cultural Conde Duque is located at the center of Madrid in Conde Duque Street, 9.
Subway station: Ventura Rodríguez (Line 3) (also, Noviciado (Line 2).