Keizo Ushio: sculpturing in live


Ushio is a well known Japanese artist who has enjoyed international success with his spectacular granite sculptures. Sculpting with stone, Keizo produces geometrical forms that combine the concept of space and time, and consequently appear as eternal and monolithic in their own right. Keizo has achieved something of a celebrity status from mathematicians and sculptors alike for his magnificent manipulation of geometrical and mathematical ideas in his works. In particular, he is famous for his magnificent manipulation of the Mobius Strip, typically known as a one-sided, one-edged surface, which is notoriously difficult to create with materials of great weight and density.

With international acclaim, Keizo’s work has been represented in exhibitions, public locations and private collections in Japan, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Israel, India, Australia, New Zealand, USA.
During the celebration of the ICM2006, sculptor Keizo Ushio will make a sculpture facing the public at the Congresses site (with the sponsorship of Grupo Santander). The attendees  of the ICM, as well as the public in general, will be able to follow the development of the sculpture: how a shapeless stone turns itself into the final sculpture. In a singular and interesting experience, the public will be able to participate in the creation of the sculpture and to talk with the artist. 

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