Call for Proposals


Satellite Conferences are one of the most important scientific activities surrounding the celebration of every ICM. The Executive Committee of ICM2006 encourages all members of our mathematical community to get involved in the organization of scientific meetings and workshops on the occasion of the International Congress of Mathematicians that will take place in Madrid on August 22-30, 2006.

There are a small number of requisites in order for one of these meetings to be accepted as a “Satellite Conference”, on top of which we should mention the scientific quality and the interest of the research topics proposed, as well as the previous experience of the organizers. Other criteria to be considered are the following;

We also encourage people to coordinate efforts and avoid potential conflicts and/or overlapping with similar initiatives from research groups in the same scientific area.


Applications should be sent by electronic mail to
Fernando Soria
Departamento de Matemáticas
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Tel: +34 91 497 4796
Fax: +34 91 497 4889