Tourism information

A trip to Spain is a celebration of diversity, an opportunity to enjoy our excellent climate, outstanding cuisine, and joie de vivre. But it is also a chance to discover our exceptional cultural and artistic heritage, to experience our unique environment, to get acquainted with the customs of our people and to share with them their festivals and traditions.


Madrid summer temperatures reach their highest values (over 35C 95F) in July and early August. During the second half of August, and into September, the temperature is cooler, often dropping between 5 and 10 degrees, particularly at night. Most buildings and public facilities are air conditioned. Rain is infrequent but there are occasional summer storms.


Short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sun glasses and sun hats. Sandals are a very good idea, and Madrid is a good place to buy them. Sun cream if you have a fair complexion.
Formal dress is not required at restaurants or when attending official events, nevertheless you are expected to be appropriately attired.
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  •    1,00 for a MetroMadrid single trip (Fare zone A)

         1,50 for a combinated Metro single ticket (Fare zones B1, B2, B3)

        6,15 for ten-trip ticket (Metrobus). Ten-trip tickets are also valid on the buses.

Taxis can be hailed by simply waving your hand. They are also available by phone: Radio taxi: + 34 91 447 51 80 / + 34  91 405 55 00 /  + 34 91 445 90 08
All major credit cards are accepted in the majority of hotels, restaurants and shops.
The National Currency is the Euro.
The electrical supply in most areas of Spain is 220 V, 50 Hz. Plug sockets are European continental standard (two rounded pins).